04651/ A TRIP IN A BAG

04651/ A trip in a bag offers the finest quality, an affinity with nature and a hint of luxury – all packed into a weekender for getting away for a mini-break. In short – a sophisticated selection of essentials for men. The men’s collections from 04651/ A trip in a bag are well designed right down to the very last detail, using innovative dyeing techniques, smart approaches to design and the highest quality materials. At the same time, the brand, which was established in 2016, always keeps sustainability in mind, producing its travel collection exclusively and entirely in Italy and Portugal. None of the collection is overproduced. 04651/ A trip in a bag also puts sustainability and innovation at the top of the list when choosing materials – eco cashmere, SeaCell fibres produced from algae or mulesing-free merino wool are totally in line with the young brand’s values. 04651/ A trip in a bag takes its inspiration from the sea and the unspoilt nature of the island of Sylt. The label even gets its name from the dialling code of Germany’s most popular North Sea island. You can find the brand’s products at Luxury Square.