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Formal and Brave: Reveal the Leader Inside You

Choosing the right suit is a difficult task. Suits, the indestructible symbol of the classical understanding, have been included in the fashion understanding as the appearance of an executive for a long time. In the world where many conceptions have changed with the Y-generation, today’s leaders may stand out with their casual styles, but most of them still won’t depart from the classics: Suits that make the bodies look great.

The Definition of Chic, The Love of Tailors

The man who takes the measure of the suit

Suits, the indispensable look of the corporate world, created unique artists: tailors who are specialized in this field. It’s hard to fit this style into certain patterns because each person’s body is different. We don’t know if Ermenegildo Zelda was the first person to see this peculiarity, but we can say that the brand he founded in Italy in 1910 is the world leader in this field today. Zegna, who designs tailor-made suits, doesn’t depart from his philosophy since the first years of the brand’s establishment: Sew by hand, use high-end fabrics and maintain perfect form!

Choose Your Suit According To Your Spirit

A cashmere blazer, a silk shirt, a pure cotton vest, fabric trousers and of course a tie in the appropriate color… The possibilities of selecting and combining pieces that make up the classic style are endless. Special wools imported from Australia, silk, the symbol of value since ancient times, cashmere from the wild nature of Tibet: the strength of the suit is determined by the fabrics it is made of and by the tailors. Your style should reflect your soul for the perfect look — this is best achieved by your tailor and brand.

5 Important Rules For Choosing A Suit

Tastes and colors are indisputable, but some things have certain rules. The wide lapel collar reflects the classic style, while the narrow lapel collar is modern. The width of the tie should correspond to the lapel, neither less nor more. The handkerchief shall not be chosen in the same color as the jacket. The golden rule is that the jacket fits the shoulders! Finally, the ideal case is that belt and shoes are in the same color.

If you wish to discover it, you are welcome at your next travel. For now, how about taking a look at our brands?


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