The Stars of the World of Bags

There are some bags that are difficult to reach. They appear at very special moments, dazzle with their glamour and take over the first seat in the gossip backstage. They leave their owners in the background, drawing all the flashlights! May we introduce you to the superstar bags!

Hermés – Himalaya Birkin

hermes bag

When we speak of superstar bags; it is normal that the majority thinks of Hermés. Hermés, whose reputation for special design bags surpasses worlds, is always pushing the limits. It’s hard to choose from these bags, they’re all superstars in their own fields; but with its rarity and desirability, the Himalayan Birkin is one step ahead of other models. Its design inspired by the Himalaya Mountains and its ultra-elaborate workmanship, details with diamonds and gold… We can describe the Himalayan Birkin, one of the most expensive bags in the world, as a star that never fall of from favour!

Michael Kors – Julie Nile Crocodile

The Julie Nile Crocodile by Michael Kors, who likes to shake the fashion world with his extraordinary and provocative designs, not only winked to the luxury bag world, but also became the most expensive bag of the brand in its period with its form made of Nile crocodile leather. With its silky interior, a very tough exterior design and $ 13,000 tag price, the Julie Nile Crocodile is a down-to-earth bag among superstar bags, but at the same time shines bright with its beauty.

Fendi – Peekaboo

We turn our eyes to the superstar bag of Italian fashion house Fendi. The Peekaboo Iconic Mini: Tasseled form, outer surface covered with pink leather, iconic Fendi locks, gold plated metal parts, its structure that allows hanging from both the shoulder and wrist… In the Peekaboo range, there is a place for every preference. What other brand could have united stars like Rihanna, Zoe Kravitz, Jessica Simpson, Kesha, Naomi Campbell and Céline Dion on one common point?

Celine – Triomphe

Celine, one of the number one brands of French elegance, never compromises its principles when it comes to bags and always pursues classic elegance. The brand’s pursuit of excellence enabled it to recreate the traditional with its own perspective of modern: Triomphe. Moreover, Triomphe is not a superstar on its own: as an ensemble of many stars, it offers its users a choice of colors and patterns. There are some rules the brand never compromises: the lock shaped with the iconic Celine logo, a classic rectangular form, and premium materials.

Hermés – Kelly Rose Gold

At the end of our list, Hermés captures us again and fascinates bag aficionados with its Kelly Rose Gold, the most gorgeous of the gorgeous. A $2 million piece emerges when Pierre Hardy, the count of the world of jewelery and shoes comes together with superstar bag agency Hermés: Kelly Rose Gold. This bag, made entirely of pink gold, is adorned with 1160 diamonds.

The manufacturers of superstar bags come together at ATU Boutiques. If you wish to discover, we await you at your next travel.


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