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The Art of Stylishness for Everyday Styles

Who wouldn’t want to master the art of everyday elegance? “I dress effortlessly (that’s not quite right), I love my comfort and I’m not that hard on life, but I’m incredibly stylish!”: How do you create this perception? The name casual wear may mislead; in fact, it’s very difficult to look stylish in this style. You have to pay attention to the finest details, follow the trends and create your own style. The mission is tough: how about getting support from the experts of this job?

The master of everyday elegance: Loro Piana

Loro Piana, the Italian genius of sportswear and casual styles, takes the brand one step further every year. Horsey jackets, sneakers, fine scarves, comfy pants, wool pullovers and more … Italian fashion house Loro Piana expresses its quality in every aspect of daily wear. With its high-quality fabrics, attention to fine details and its never-ending value, Loro Piana makes you look good no matter what you wear.  If you are looking for everyday elegance, you can surrender yourself to Loro Piana without hesitation.

Fendi: An Elegant Touch to Simplicity

The most important feature of daily wear is that it is plain. But there is a fine nuance here: exaggerating simplicity can lose the beauty hidden in the details. Details determine elegance in daily wear. If you want to add style to a simple outfit composed of a classic pair of blue jeans under a one-tone sweater, you can break the routine with a pair of Fendi cowboy boots that go up to the knees. Remember: Simplicity is in the foreground, but it’s not the only goal. Catch simplicity with single-tone shirts, plain t-shirts and loose-fitting trousers; make your difference in scarves, foulards, shoes and belts. You’re Ready for the Day!

Leave Him the Details: Salvatore Ferragamo

Fashion knowledge is the basis of everyday elegance. The minimalist attitude is at the very center of everyday wear. Salvatore Ferragamo shoes can take casual styles one step further with their simple and classic designs. For example, think of a slim-fit trousers under a one-tone patterned shirt; how simple and clear is that? Now, crown this combination with Ferragamo leather shoes and a belt.

Congratulations, you haven’t compromised your everyday chic! The genius brands of everyday elegance await you at ATU Boutiques. If you wish to discover, we await you at your next travel. For now, how about taking a look at our brands?


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