The Most Iconic Watches of All Times

Have you ever thought how lucky we are when it comes to measure time? The times when we watched the movements of the sun are far behind; nowadays we can even measure milliseconds from watches that add elegance to our wrists. Time is important to humankind: it shows us that we exist in a moving universe while reminding us that we are in the present. It keeps moving forward and never looks back. Watches remind us that we must keep moving forward, maybe that’s why we attach great importance to them.

There is no need to discuss the elegance of watches; sometimes the sparkle of the watch winking from beneath the blazer sleeve can stop time and create an unforgettable moment. The moment grows, covers the universe and turns the clock to an icon.

Gucci – G-Timeless

The G-Timeless watch collection of Italian giant Gucci stands out with its diversity of designs. Designed with different materials and concepts, the watchband offers Gucci enthusiasts many options. With its famous bee figure as well as animal motifs, Gucci blends nature to the design and makes change of scene in terms of its dials, yet never compromises in the quality of steel and Swiss craftsmanship. Due to its affordability and diversity, the G-Timeless is, with its flexibility it brings to the world of watchbands as well as its high underwater proofness, perhaps the most modern one amongst the most iconic watches of all times.

Jaeger – LeCoultre Reverso

Talking about the most iconic watches of all time: the luxury watch brand Jaegor-LeCoultre, founded in Switzerland in 1833, will definitely find a place in that list. Although Jaeger-LeCoultre, one of the most respected watch brands in the world, is known for its Master Control series that changed watch quality procedures, the iconic watch of the brand is the model called Reverso. With its reversible dial, its classic rectangular form and first-class craftsmanship, Reverso has been adorning the wrists since 1931.

Tag Heuer – Monaco

The Monaco series, which changed the dynamics in the watch industry when it was launched in 1969, is one of Tag Heuer’s most iconic models. The model Monaco, which stands out from its competitors with its design consisting of a square-shaped case and sub-dials, brought Tag Heuer a great success. Today, it still appeals to high expectations with its dial glass made of scratch-proof sapphire crystal and its revolutionary core, featuring the first automatic chronograph movement with a micro-motor, the Chronomatic Caliber 11.

Breitling – Navitimer

Navitimer, one of the most iconic watches of all time, may be larger than its counterparts, but it has numerous talents in its case. Designed as a pilot’s watch, Navitimer can make time and speed calculations. Of course, the capabilities of the iconic clock are not limited to the abovementioned: The clock with additional indicators for flight range, fuel consumption, maximum flight time and cycle calculations is the most iconic pilot’s watch today.

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