The Unavoidable Rise of Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is a movement that merges ecological issues with social justice. The creation of a permanent and egalitarian structure within this system for all stakeholders can also drive change in the methods currently utilized in fashion production.

An Awakening in the Early 1970s

American biologist Rachel Carson published “Silent Spring” in 1963, leading to a rising awareness of the environmental and ecological issues confronting the earth. In the book, Carson discussed the use of heavy chemicals, utilized since the Industrial Revolution, and their role in environmental pollution.

The aim of the sustainable fashion movement is to establish systems and communities that respect the environment and nature. These aims include increasing the value of local production and products; extending the life of materials; raising the value of timeless, durable clothing; and reducing the waste and minimizing the damage to the environment created due to production and consumption. As well, educating prominent figures in the industry on environmentally friendly consumption practices is a goal.

Sustainable fashion requires an industry reset and approaching the entire system from a holistic point of view. The Association of Responsive Fashion Researchers, which has studied fashion and sustainability issues since the 1990s, stated that “So far, the sustainable fashion mission has been a complete failure and has been overwhelmed by an exploding economy such as all small and gradual changes, extremism, consumption, waste and unending labour abuse…”. While this is a dire statement, the sustainable fashion movement has gained great momentum. 

Sustainable Fashion is Not a Trend, It is a Necessity! 

Bvlgari, one of the world’s leading design brands, hosted the third Innovating the Present for a Sustainable Future event in October 2020. “Humanity has a dimension that never changes, and that is the permanence of generosity,” Bvlgari CEO Jean Christophe declared. At the event, work on arts programs for youth, gender equality and sustainable social welfare were also discussed. At ATÜ Boutiques, we bring together brands that care about a sustainable world. If you want to explore, we are here to welcome you on your next trip.


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